mercoledì 10 dicembre 2014

Fun cooking classes, Scuola di pasta, Cagliari

What they need to do is to recognize the ingredients and put them together, to knead, to model them. To think about the history behind each sweet dough, with its shape, colours, flavours and smell. A legacy made of experiences, emotions and knowledge that you may lose unless it's passed down to children. And the only way to do it is to try it with their own hands, their senses and emotions. Only children can save our past traditions.
Fun cooking classes. Scuola di pasta. Cagliari
Many thanx to Elisa Mattana, Marco Mameli, Maria Luisa Zonno e Sandro Dernini.

With this video Scuola di pasta has participated to "PLEXUS ART CO-OPERA # 5 – CARGO – ART & FOOD WITHOUT BORDERS – LOOKING FOR PARADISE", an International Traveling Art and Science and Technology 60 Minutes Event in collaboration with Nutricion sin Fronteras (10 December 2014, Canopy Art Centre, Cairns, Queensland Australia). Thanx to Sandro Dernini.

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